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Previous STCNO Specialty winners

1951  CH. Shieling's Stylecraft, Owner Snethen

1952 No Show

1953 No Show

1954  Shieling's Scoutmaster, Owner Snethen

1955  CH. Erb's Ray Mar, Owner Brueggerman

1956 CH. McGilvrays Captain Man, Owners McGilvray

1957  CH. Seagraves Anchor Man, Owners Seagraves

1958  CH. Strathkirk's Saxon, Owner Koch

1959  CH. Anstamm Eclispe, Owner Stamm

1960  CH. Glendoune Gaytime, Owner Sanders

1961  CH. Rebel Edition, Owner Carter

1962  CH. Gaidoune Great Bear, Owner Gaither

1963  CH. Gaidoune Great Bear, Owner Gaither

1964  CH. Filbert Fil Wish, Owner Paul

1965  Dunbar Wee Bonnie Rita, Owner Fow/Hensel

1966  CH. Bardene Bobby Dazzler, Owner Stamm

1967  CH. Gaidoune Bear Garden, Owner Hannepin

1968  CH. Reanda Rosko, Owner Malinka

1969  CH. Seagraves Rogue's Image, Owner Harbulak

1970  CH. Terriwall Andy Dazzler, Owner Wallgren

1971  CH. Sandgregs Keno Ticket, Owner DeSaye

1972  CH. Wayridge Warlock, Owner Ridgley

1973  CH. Happy Venture, Owner Stamm

1974  CH. Happy Venture, Owner Stamm

1975  CH. Schwers Dynamic Happy Boy, Owner Plott

1976  CH. Dunbars Distinction, Owner Nutter/Bigelow

1977  CH. Anstamm Happy Sonata, Owner Stamm

1978  CH. Duff-De Fireworks, Owner DeVilleneuve

1979  CH. Sandgregs Square Deal, Owner DeSaye

1980  CH. Braeburns Close Encounter, Owner Macinnes

1981  CH. Bardene Bookmark, Owner Wallgren

1982  CH. Hughcrest Bottoms Up, Owner Cook/Hughes

1983  CH. Sandgregs Journalist, Owner DeSaye

1984  CH. Sandgregs Journalist, Owner DeSaye

1985  CH. Anstamm Go For It, Owner Becker

1986  CH. Deblin's Backtalk, Owner McGrory/Struck

1987  CH. Sandgreg's Foxmoor, Owner Boso

1988  CH. Deblin's Backtalk, Owner Struck/ Brooks

1989  CH. Glengloamine Berkley Square, Owner DeSaye

1990  Wychwyre Limerick, Owner Martin

1991  CH. Starbelle Diamond Lil, Owner Batch

1992  CH. Charthill Victory At Sea, Owner Hill

1993  CH. Anstamm Shout It Out, Owner Anstamm Kennel

1994  Barbary Miss Manners, Owner Maurine McConell

1995  CH. Anstamm Back To Future, Owner Anstamm Kennel

1996  Ch. Charthill Grand Reward, Owner Wooster/Hill

1997  CH. Greatscot's Hot Stuff, Owner Walthers

1998  CH. Tandem's Wizard, Owner Tonna Hines  (Webscotty is partial to this guy, he is sitting beside me right now)

1999  Wild Wind Son Of The Sea, Owner Lindsay

2000  CH. Arabella's Olympic Gold, Owner Anstamm Kennel

2001  CH Dragoon Spectator, Owner Amstamm Kennels & Michele Fujawa

2002  CH Dragoon Spectator, Owner Amstamm Kennels & Michele Fujawa

2003 Ch Fireheart's Guns N' Roses, Owner M B Melucci/J Melucci

2004 Anstamm Like A Rock, owner Anstamm Kennels

A note from Webscotty:   If you feel that any of the above information in incorrect (especially the spelling), please send a note to the Webscotty indicating the year and what you feel is incorrect. It will be checked out and corrected as necessary.  Thanks.


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