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Club History            

On January 24, 1935, a dedicated group of Cleveland area Scottish Terrier fanciers interested in promoting the breed, met, organized and elected the first board.  The beginning membership was about 22.   The club deteriorated during the war years and there were thoughts of disbanding. However, it managed to hold together, continuing to hold matches.  The club sponsored it's first specialty show on April 28, 1951.  The STCNO served the state of Ohio alone until 1973 when the Dayton club was formed. Of the present members, there are more exhibitors and breeders than fanciers.  Though not a large club, the STCNO strives for the betterment of the breed and the people who love it.



Note: Portions of the Club history were taken from "The Centenary Book of the Scottish Terrier Club of America 1900-2000"


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